Coelidia olitoria.
Size: approx. 5-7 mm. Photo: 10/09/11, 10 pm.

A brownish, fairly large leafhopper that is common East of the Rocky Mountains. This is Coelidia olitoria. It also has awesome nymphs. The small photo was taken on 05/28/12. Dr. Hamilton (see second link) states that this specimen could be "a hybrid between the typical subspecies and C. floridana".  

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Coelidia olitoria - imm.
Size: approx. 1-2 mm. Photo: 05/03/12, 8 pm.

Okay and here are my first sightings of Coelidia olitoria nymphs. They can be light brown, grayish, bluish, red, sometimes yellow or brownish-yellow throughout. The nymphs are most unusual but unfortunately also a "big" challenge for my camera and photography skills. The small photo of the beige/orange nymph was taken on 05/15/16 around noon. 

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Coelidia floridana.
Size: approx. 4 mm. Photo: 06/18/15, noon.

Until recently, Coelidia floridana has been considered a subspecies of C. olitoria. This reclassification became necessary after genetic analyses. 
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