Elaphria fuscimacula - Hodges#9675.
Photo: 09/03/14, 8 pm.

The genus Elaphria has 15 different species in North America and several of them are referred to as "Midgets". 
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Elaphria georgei - Hodges#9680 (George's Midget).
Photo: 03/18/17.

This moth is called George's Midget but is really not that small reaching a wingspan of about one inch. Its caterpillars are dark, nearly black, with a long yellow and reddish line.  
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Elaphria nucicolora - Hodges#9676 (Sugarcane Midget).
Photo: 10/05/17, 9 pm.

The Sugarcane Midget can be found in the southeastern United States and Texas. Its larvae feed on various plants including sugarcane, which explains the moth's English name. The wing span is slightly below one inch.  
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