Eutettix pictus (Leafhopper (nonspecific)).
Size: approx. 5 mm. Photo: 08/23/11, 7 pm.

This beautiful leafhopper is Eutettix pictus. The genus has over 30 species in North America but currently only one is represented in the bug guide. A characteristic feature of this species is "a black bar across the front of the pronotum". The small photo on the right (shot 09/19/17) shows a different specimen. 

bug guide (these photos):
P. B. Lawson "The Cicadellidae of Kansas" Kansas Univ. Sci. Bull., Vol. XII(1), 1920, p. 180.:

Eutettix luridus.
Photo: 03/16/16, 9 pm.

... and a sister species which appears slightly wider than E. pictus. It lives on oak shrubs and is mainly found in the eastern states. The typical length is 6 mm. The small photo shows the same specimen. 

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