Graphocephala coccinea (Candy-Striped Leafhopper).
Photo: 07/18/11, 9 am.

Leafhopper Graphocephala coccinea. Common names include candy-striped leafhopper, red-banded leafhopper, scarlet-and-green leafhopper, and red-and-blue leafhopper. These animals remind me of tropical fish and are just amazing. 
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Graphocephala versuta (Versute Leafhopper).
Size: approx. 5 mm. Photo: 07/20/11, 11 am.

A close relative of the former leafhopper: Graphocephala versuta. It is even smaller G. coccinea and reveals its amazing color patterns only in the magnified photograph. This species is more on the greenish side and has a black sawtooth markings at the apex.  
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