Glaphyria glaphyralis - Hodges#4869
(Common Glaphyria Moth).
Size: approx. 7 mm. Photo: 08/14/14, 10 pm.

To the eye this little moth looked like a shiny, yellowish golden triangle or pyramid. The genus Glaphyria has six species in North America. 
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Glaphyria fulminalis - Hodges#4873
(Black-patched Glaphyria Moth).
Photo: 08/25/18, 11 pm.

One of six Glaphyria species in North America. This one has most of the eastern half of the country as its range. The wingspan is about 11 mm. 
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Glaphyria basiflavalis - Hodges#4871
(Basal-dash Glaphyria Moth).
Photo: 05/24/19, 10 pm.

Glaphyria basiflavalis is also known as the basal-dash glaphyria moth and was first described by William Barnes and James Halliday McDunnough in 1913. It is found in North America, where it has been recorded from Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Texas. 
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